Here you will find orders of service for our online church

All our services can be found on our Facebook Page:

Maundy Thursday 9th April, 8.10pm

Easter Vigil Service, 11th April, 8.10pm

Toddler Service on Good Friday 10th April at 10.30am

Liturgy for Good Friday, 10th April, 2pm

Easter Day, 12th April, Eucharist, 10am

Easter Day, 12th April, All Age, 11.15am

Second Sunday of Easter, 19.04.2020, 10am

Second Sunday of Easter, 19.04.2020, All Age Service, 11.15am

Third Sunday of Easter, Eucharist, 10am

Pilgrim Eucharist for 4th Sunday of Easter, 03.05.2020

Toddler Service. 29.04.2020

Third Sunday of Easter, 26.04.20, All Age 11.15am

Toddler Service, 06.05.2020

All Age Service, 10.05.2020

Eucharist for 5th Sunday of Easter, 10.05.2020

Easter 6, Eucharist, 17.05.2020

Easter 6, All Age, 17.05.2020

Toddler Service, 20.05.2020

Easter 7, Eucharist, 24.05.2020

Easter 7, 24.05.2020, All Age Service

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