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On Sundays we come together to meet Christ in Word (the Bible), Sacrament (Holy Communion) and in each other; to receive strength and support from God and from one another so that we can go back into the world ready to live our daily lives more openly and lovingly, sharing the good news of Christ in our words and through our lives, serving God and our neighbours in this part of South London and beyond.

​All our services are live in Church, so please do join us and worship together. For those that can't make it in person we do try our best to live stream on our Facebook page.




Congratulations on your engagement! We are delighted that you are thinking of getting married in church.


People chose a church wedding for a whole range of reasons, perhaps because of tradition or the attractive building. However the most important reason for getting married in church is that you will be making your wedding vows in the sight of God and asking God to be part of the whole of your married life together.


To discuss your plans and book a date to come to the church please contact Mtr Ariadne.




Baptism: A very important step

Perhaps you have recently had a baby and you are thinking of having him or her baptised. Congratulations! The birth of a baby is a good reason to think about the mystery of life and about what you want for your children.

Maybe your children are a little older and are beginning to ask questions about God and Jesus. Or perhaps you are thinking of being baptised yourself. Whatever your reason for thinking about Baptism you are very welcome at Christ Church.

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