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How to react when others are behaving badly

Last Sunday, a list was published by an organisation called GAFCON UK that contains names of people and churches that GAFCON UK consider to have violated a resolution adopted by Anglican Bishops at a Lambeth Conference in 1998. Resolutions of the Lambeth Conference may bind bishops, but they are not binding for individual Anglicans or even for parishes, but this has not stopped GAFCON UK from publishing a list of 'offenders'. Christ Church is on the list. The worrying thing about the list is that it includes the names of individuals and could encourage violence towards those people. Social Media trolls can be quite unpleasant and some of those on the list already receive unpleasant post and messages. This list might make that worse. It is easy to react to lists like the GAFCON UK one with anger, but as Christians we are asked to turn the other cheek and pray even for our enemies. The link below is to a blog post by The Rev'd Rachel Mann, one of the people named on the list. She explains all this much better than I can. I would encourage you to read her post.

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