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As most of you will know by now, I am off on Sabbatical soon. 31st January will be the last Sunday before I fly to Nairobi on 2nd February. After a couple of days in Limuru, visiting Dr Esther Mombo who has organised the Kenya part of my Sabbatical, Dr Mombo will drive me to Eldoret, where Edna, one of the few female vicars in Kenya, will host me. I will be shadowing her in her parish and helping where I can. Towards the end of March, I will make my way back to Limuru.

The second part of the Sabbatical will involve Sue and me travelling around Malawi. We will be visiting places that David Livingstone either visited or even lived in. Livingstonia was named after him and Blantyre was named after Livingstone's birthplace in Scotland. While we are there, we will be visiting some projects supported by Us (formerly known as USPG).

I am really looking forward to my first ever visit to Africa and to getting to know, in a small way, that amazing and fascinating continent.

While I am away, Fr Raymond Bayley will, together with Sue, cover all of the services. He will be staying in the Vicarage. Please, take good care of him. It is very kind of him to be willing to cover all three months of my Sabbatical and it is a big advantage to the parish to have the same person covering all the services, rather than a different person each Sunday.

I'll try to post updates while I am away.


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